Oh, Claire…

We say “Oh, Claire” a lot… Partly because it’s a pun on Eau Claire, the city where Paul and I met, but mostly because we can hardly believe how quickly our daughter has grown from a sweet, trusting little baby to a strong-willed, independent little mighty-might of a 19 month old. The last few weeks … Continue reading Oh, Claire…

Home Sweet Home

There is something so sweet about being home, isn’t there? Unfortunately, the concept of home changes radically whenever you have to leave the physical structure of the house you’ve called home. Home can be  two different places at once–like when I was in college and considered myself to be “going home” whenever I traveled to … Continue reading Home Sweet Home

Defying Gravity

Every time I wake up early to pray, I am defying inertia. I am setting into motion an object which otherwise would have remained at rest to ask the Lord to move mountains against their will. Every time I carve out a moment during the day to pray, I am interrupting the trajectory of an … Continue reading Defying Gravity


People who love literature love irony. I am one of those people. This is why I must explain to you who will read this that I have created a situation of great irony for myself… See, I started this blog a little prematurely. Paul & I had just returned from a really great interview and … Continue reading Irony!

Counting Chickens

Yesterday my father-in-law picked up this year’s shipment of baby chicks from the post office. This is an exciting time for the four grandchildren who gathered in the back corner of their grandpa’s shed where he has set up a kiddie pool under several warming lights. Truth be told, we are all excited to see … Continue reading Counting Chickens