About Me

I can’t parallel park.

I know I’ve left the suburbs whenever I remember this. It’s easy to forget how to parallel park when you find oversized parking lots around every store, restaurant, and church you visit.

There are places that are cool to live. And then there are the suburbs.

Hi, I’m Laura and I am proud to live in a Little House in the Suburbs. Like the original Laura who lived in a Little House, I want to capture what life is like right here, right now. So this isn’t a how-to-live-the-good-life kind of blog. This is a pay-attention-to-how-good-your-life-already-is kind of blog. I meditate on the ordinary stuff of my life in search of themes that are timeless and unchanging.

I’m learning to love my suburban life. Won’t you be my neighbor?


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    • Glad to hear from someone who understands! It really does feel like Jeremiah’s description in Jeremiah 20:9 “There is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones and I am weary with holding it in.”

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