Neighborhood Watch


We all do our part in the suburbs. We mow our lawns and take our trash out to the curb on our assigned days. We’re friendly but we still don’t feel like friends, even after exchanging produce from our gardens over the past seven years. I feel the presence of all these invisible barriers in suburban life, barriers that make me not want to appear too needy or too eager. But I find myself consistently longing for more. I knew as soon as I picked up  The Gospel Comes With a  House Key by Rosaria Butterfield that I would leave the book wrestling with the conviction that I ought to be a better neighbor.

I’m better at writing about hospitality than offering it. But Rosaria Butterfield? She knows of what she speaks. I got the chance to write a review of her book for my beloved Fathom Mag this month. It was the kind of book that made me want to hand out May baskets with my kids for the first time (which I did!) and get up the gumption to finally invite my neighbors over for that cookout I’m always planning in my head (which I’m still working on… life gets busy this time of year!) If you read this, would you check in with me and make sure I’m doing what I know I ought to do? I might not be able to offer Rosaria’s daily hospitality, but I can certainly plan a once-a-summer event!

Thanks for reading, friends!




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