Raising Unexceptional Kids (It’s harder than you think!)

4 thoughts on “Raising Unexceptional Kids (It’s harder than you think!)”

  1. As parents we want our children to be the top of the class, and have it come with ease. I am struggling with this. I didn’t have to work hard for my grades growing up. I would skip homework and still pull out good grades. My children are different – especially with reading. Although it frustrates me some days that they aren’t grasping things as easily as I did, I have to remember that they are kids. They will learn, some take longer, some you have to try new approaches with, but they will learn. I had the same frustration with potty training… and I am happy to report eventually they got the hang of that too 😉

  2. And while you may describe her as ordinary, and I understand why, she is so very far from ordinary. Thank you for not pushing her and for allowing her to be her creative, funny, happy, loving self.

    1. I hesitated when I wrote this post because I really do believe she is extraordinary in so many ways, but in ways that are completely hers and have not been coached or trained or refined… yet. I’m so eager to see how she blossoms at school!

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