Waking Sleeping Beauty

I think I know what Sleeping Beauty must have felt like when she woke up…

After the World’s Longest Pregnancy and delivering the World’s Largest Baby*, I finally feel like myself again. I’ve had an unbelievable amount of energy this week to tackle projects I’ve been ignoring for months. (The list of things I’ve accomplished reads like an even more tedious and long-winded version of everyone’s least favorite Christmas carol** and includes projects like “De-Scaling the Keurig” and “Cleaning off my hard drive” and “Organizing my bathroom drawers.” Super exciting stuff around here. This is what happens when you’re stuck inside your house for a week because of the bitter cold!)

So why have I been so tired? Last year at this time I was still teaching full time, facing finals and my first opportunity to teach Creative Writing, a class which I will miss more than anything else about teaching. Then I got pregnant and was ravenous to eat any and every thing I could get my hands on. For the first time(s) in my life, I could eat an entire Culver’s value basket meal: burger, fries, drink, and custard for dessert. Then we started remodeling our kitchen. We live in a small house so this basically meant I lost access to 25% of my house. Arguably, the most important 25%. And I started puking regularly. And I had to make dinner every night. Did I mention I was still teaching full time?

Then came summer, with its busy schedule and my ambitious garden to care for. Then my carpal tunnel started flaring up, leaving me with painful, useless hands. I quit my teaching job which left me a little unsettled but happy. And I had to learn how to budget.

Then I started potty training a 2 year old and sent my 4 year old off to school for the first time.

Then I just got big–uncomfortably big to the point where I couldn’t sleep or sit or stand (See photo of World’s Longest Pregnancy, below).

Then I went past my first due date. And my second due date. And into the beginning of a new month.

Then I had a baby. Then I celebrated my daughter’s fifth birthday.

Then it was Christmas, with all of its pressures, while taking care of a newborn baby who couldn’t seem to get enough to eat. (See photo of World’s Largest Baby, below). And I was back to singing on the worship team at least three times in December.

2014-12-09 13.15.00

(This is a picture of me the day I went into the hospital and the day I came home. Notice the difference?)

Suddenly, last week I woke up and I was myself again. I had things I wanted to write about and think about and do. I’m back and all I can say is it feels pretty good.


*Not actually verified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

**The Twelve Days of Christmas, of course. How many pipers piping is it??


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