Favorite Quote Friday

Some of my favorite quotes from Weakness is the Way by J.I. Packer.

On Weakness:

“It is often right, and part of our calling, that we should embrace options in which we may easily find ourselves out of our depth, and in which we know that we cannot hope to succeed without God’s help. And with regard to circumstances, it is often the case that in God’s sovereign providence unforeseen difficulties arise, throwing us back on the Lord for support and subjecting our faith and faithfulness to very grueling tests” (61).

“Weakness, however, meaning inability finally to control our life situation relationally, circumstantially, financially, healthwise, and so on, despite all that our therapeutic present-day culture can do for us, will be with us as long as life in this world lasts… Our weaknesses will not go away any more than (Christ’s) did, and if we think that money can banish them, we actually add to them by cultivating self-deception” (87-88).

“…to keep Christian minds and hearts facing in the right direction–that is, forward–so that our hope may fill our horizon and, countering our weakness by adhering to this our source of strength, we may keep on keeping on, traveling hopefully until we arrive” (106).

(I already talked about my favorite quote on hope here.)


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