A Theology of Fashion

4 thoughts on “A Theology of Fashion”

  1. I’ve had a new take on the price of clothing since I learned how to sew a couple of years ago. I have much less of a hard time justifying a higher price for a well-made, classic item. (Although, I do still buy lots of stuff on clearance.)

    You might be interested in this book, “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion.” Here’s the website for the author, Elizabeth Cline. http://www.overdressedthebook.com/aboutelizabeth/

    I heard an NPR interview with her and I want to read the book myself; some of the things she says are really eye-opening, and she addresses ways you can change your clothing-purchasing habits. The website even has lists of stores that sell more sustainable, garment-worker-friendly items.

    1. That book sounds perfect! I’ve been looking for good information on the fashion industry. I will add it to the reading list! I have always been into buying clearance things too… Especially for my daughters who are constantly outgrowing things. This is more a theory in process, something I’m going to pursue this year to see if it is a practical solution to help change my mindset about clothing. I am always exploring how my theology should impact my practical decisions and this was one thought I’ve been having. Thanks for reading and helping me think this through!!

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