Favorite Quote Friday

A few of my favorite quotes from Rosaria Butterfield’s book Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (which I wrote about here.) Read a great review of this book here or here. Or, if you’re not a reader, watch her interview. 

On the Christian lifestyle: “Christians still scare me when they reduce Christianity to a lifestyle and claim that God is on the side of those who attend to the rules of the lifestyle they have invented or claim to find in the Bible” (5).

On evangelism: “Even though obviously these Christians and I were very different, they seemed to know that I wasn’t just a blank slate, that I had values and opinions too, and they talked to me in a way that didn’t make me feel erased” (10).

On losing worldly esteem: “I was flooded with doubt about my new life in Christ. Was I willing to suffer like Christ? Was I willing to be considered stupid by those who didn’t know Jesus? The world’s eyes register what a life in Christ takes away, but how do I communicate all that it gives” (26)?

On learning: “Real learning depends on our quest for real knowledge, not its perpetual deferment in the form of endless doubt. In order to seek real knowledge, we will confront times when we have to choose between the old ideas that give us comfort in their familiarity or the safe paradigms that encourage endless questioning for the bold quest of capacious truth. Knowledge depends on the renewal of our minds” (43).

On worship: “Worship is our rehearsal for how to live today and how to glorify God in heaven. It is not merely a Sunday morning exercise meant to make us feel good… In (her particular denomination) you will get no show, no comedian pastors, no rock bands, no skits, no videos, no interpretive dancing. Either Jesus comes to worship with us and the Holy Spirit fuels and fills us and God is honored or we have, simply, painfully, nothing at all” (91-92).

On sin: “Sin, when unrestrained, infantilizes a person. Here I had thought that I was so mature, so capable, so “important” in the world, and the truth remains that I didn’t even know how to act my age! After conversion, I was surprised to discover how old I really was” (108).


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