An Open Letter to a Fashionable Friend

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to a Fashionable Friend”

  1. I appreciate your generous words in your first paragraph and kind of want to wave them as a banner above my head for everyone I went to high school or college with and say “see, someone thinks I’m fashionable- ha!” I am flattered and also a bit nervous that your post will provoke laughter from those I grew up with. I have never been considered fashionable in my home stomping ground, especially with 3 Texas sisters.

    In fact, I am pretty sure that the reason I have a relatively large clothing collection (besides a serious predilection for hoarding) is that I am not very picky. For years I have happily accepted hand-me-downs from my sisters, sister-in-law, mother, and my seriously fashionable friends. After my grandmother died and later after Jeremy’s grandmother died, I was the only one who wanted most of their clothes. Again, this is because I am not very picky. (This probably suggests that I am NOT in fact very fashionable). And lest anyone be tempted to covet, a survey of my closet reveals that 90% of my clothes (and jewelry and shoes) were free (to me). If I paid for it, it was from Target, Old Navy, Goodwill, or an estate sale. One of my favorite parts of getting dressed for the day is making a mental inventory of who my outfit is connected to (earrings I made, ring from my grandmother, shoes from my sister, pants from my friend Kate, top from a clothes swap, scarf handmade by a widow in Guatemala). While I do hoard (working on that), and I do possibly enjoy clothes more than I should, I would not consider myself a shopaholic.

    Most of my life I wanted to look fashionable. And most of my life I had serious insecurities that I ever accomplished that goal. And I know for a fact that I wasted so much precious time wishing for something shallow and silly and worrying about my appearance, feeling awkward, and being vain. Though I wanted to look cute, I never in a million years would have admitted that I cared about fashion b/c I didn’t want anyone to laugh at me.

    My working fashion theory through college and after was to wear vintage duds because if I was in the wrong decade I wouldn’t have to worry about being “last season.”

    It is only within the last year that I feel comfortable admitting out loud that I enjoy fashion. I enjoy noticing trending shapes and colors (even if I’m not going to buy them), experimenting with color combinations, and I thoroughly enjoy incorporating vintage details.

    Ok, that’s my long-winded disclaimer/defense. I’ll be back tomorrow for what I agree and disagree with. I better go feed some kidlets. Thanks so much for helping me think through all of this. Your words are good for my brain and my heart.

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