Home, Sweet Home!

Becoming homeowners felt like an instantaneous switch. One minute we were clueless observers; then all of a sudden, there we were at Menard’s buying hose attachments and wallpaper stripper. It is very sweet, indeed, to think of all the ways we will enjoy spending time in this house and this backyard together as a family. Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home!

We closed last Tuesday morning, got everything moved in that day and by Wednesday we were stripping wallpaper and choosing paint colors.

Claire already has become an expert raspberry picker and clothespin collector as we enjoy the fun perks of our new backyard. Here are a few pictures!


We inherited a prairie-style flower garden which means fresh bouquets.


We painted the walls a nice, neutral grayish-tan color after much deliberation. We’ve got light blue variegated carpet, a red couch, and relatively-nice-but-nonetheless-yellow wood paneling to work around, so Mom and I decided we shouldn’t add more color to the mix and we should let the curtains do the talking.


Sweet chandelier, right? šŸ™‚

Here a few more pictures to give you the lay of the land…



The kitchen is behind us in this one–it is small and in progress. We’ve decided to add a fridge (of course) and a dishwasher (Yay!) right away and dream about ways to expand it in the future. Lots of possibilities… (We’re playing TTR here, and while I am not winning, that devilish grin reveals that I just ruined Paul’s chances of winning. He refused to let my dad take a picture of him looking as angry as he actually felt at that moment!)


The girls each have their own bedroom… here is Claire’s. I’m so glad it is on the same floor so she will play in her own room and make (some of) her messes in there instead šŸ™‚


That eagle was hanging on the house but I wanted him gone ASAP. This is our neatly organized garage. The previous owner (who built the house) was a mechanic so he had a nice toolbench and had insulated the garage.


The fantastic view from our deck! You can see the top of the prairie-style flower garden and the edge of the shed (which has raspberries behind it.) We can see the state capitol!


Our new neighbors include a family of four deer that “live” in our front yard. The eagle had to go but these can stay šŸ™‚


We love our new little house and are thrilled to have people come visit!


One thought on “Home, Sweet Home!

  1. Welcome to your new home. As always, I love reading your blog. Many blessings during your new journey in home ownership. My advise, if you don’t have one yet, get a Menards card. The cash back rewards are worth another piece of plastic in the wallet.

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