Paper Trail

4 thoughts on “Paper Trail”

  1. So well said. We lost our blog last week. I spent half of Saturday crying like a baby over all those lost words. I may have even declared I had to move back to TX just to be near people who knew my memories since I no longer had any record of them. (a wee bit dramatic, I know) I used to be somewhat of a paper hoarder (seriously), and so moving to the computer was a bit of a triumph for me. Losing the blog, though, nearly caused me to relapse. Fortunately, Jeremy was much less dramatic than his emotional wife and reminded me that 7 years was only the beginning of our marriage, not the sum of it. He also reminded me that we still have Jane even if we lost her birth story; and we don’t suddenly have amnesia. But still! All our carefully crafted words!

    And then… Jeremy realized that a website that occasionally takes “screen shots” of the internet had some shots of our blog, and I think he will be able to restore about 75% of our lil’ blog. Phew.

    The moral of this story is just this: back up your blog; don’t just let it linger of a server in outerspace.

    The other lessons for me were pondering what it must feel like to really lose prized family mementos in a fire or flood. Also, I am possibly still a hoarder.

    Miss seeing your face!

    1. That is so sad, Annie!! That would completely devastate me, too 😦 Lucky you have such a tech-savvy husband. I’m not even sure I know HOW to back up a blog??

      Miss you (and all our LBC friends) too… it is hard to leave a place that idyllic and we hope that we’ll get to come back soon for a visit!


  2. Thanks, Laura. I’m so glad that Paul’s preaching is going well. How is teaching? And how is your sweet girl?

    Maybe I’ll get Jeremy to post a little tutorial on backing up a blog once ours is back up and running.
    Take care,

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