When we left Colorado to move to Wisconsin, I possessed a single key. I had already long since given up my keys to Chaparral, a school at which I had loved working full of people I hated to leave. We’d sold our Jeep, keys included, and ended our lease, so we needed to pass the keys on to the new residents. And I was left with one key to a ten year old Toyota Corolla with almost 200,000 miles on it.

We spent 6 months “unemployed and homeless,” which sounds much more dramatic than it actually was. We loved our time with “Bompa” and “Mama Lu” (as they’ve now come to be called… by Claire, mostly).

But recently we’ve started acquiring keys again. My keychain is jingling, no longer small enough to slip into my pocket. It was a thrilling day when Paul got to add the keys to our new church to his keychain. Add to that two new keys for our great duplex, a new key for the 2nd (ten year old) car we bought, and I recently picked up my favorite members of the collection… my school keys. Currently, my classroom is without student desks and a computer, but I’m so thrilled to be part of a new school.

We didn’t mind our six month hiatus from adult life–although it seemed a lot longer while we were living it than it does in retrospect–but we are sure glad to be back on our feet. The keys represent new responsibilities, new roles, new demands, new places… our new life.


3 thoughts on “Keys

  1. Andrea Sutherland says:

    It is always fun to be a grown-up! We too were remembering today just how blessed we are and who those blessing are from. Rejoicing with you!

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