Defying Gravity

4 thoughts on “Defying Gravity”

  1. somehow it seems that perhaps your life has come full circle…. 🙂 Will look forward to hearing your heart.

  2. I’m just happy you’ve finally started a blog. Romans 7:16 has been a very helpful verse to me lately. Just recognizing that left to our own vices we WILL sin is a huge starting point. The Christian life never gets easy because we are trying to obtain the unobtainable on this earth. Keep posting, this is a great way for me to stay informed 😀

  3. I love your words Laura. Somehow I can always feel the heart of a young mom partly due to the many young moms I work with and love with all my heart. And it isn’t all too difficult to remember those moments in time when my life felt the same. Now it seems that a body that is at rest is home!

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